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Examining Excimer Laser Technology from Elios Vision with Ike Ahmed

Originally published in The Ophthalmologist October 2022.

The development and widespread adoption of MIGS has had a seismic impact on the way we treat glaucoma over the past two decades. This is especially true for patients who do not need intense surgical intervention, but who find that drops alone do not sufficiently address IOP because of issues around adherence or efficacy. In this video, Ike Ahmed, one of the world’s leading glaucoma specialists, joins The Ophthalmologist team to discuss the ELIOS procedure. Using an excimer laser device allows the creation of microscoping openings in the trabecular meshwork in a way that creates less inflammation and has few surgical downsides. The ELIOS procedure is an important tool for interventional glaucoma treatment and offers another option to treat symptoms early and maintain the best possible outcomes for patients.