Our Patients

Glaucoma is the “silent thief” of vision, because it can steal vision without symptoms. Glaucoma does not go away on its own and, in fact, worsens over time if it is not treated — making it a chronic, progressive disease that can result in blindness. The goal in glaucoma treatment is to lower your eye pressure so that it does not damage the optic nerve, which carries images from your eyes to the brain. 

A New Approach

Using an excimer laser, the ELIOS procedure is a microinvasive, implant-free procedure that creates microscopic openings in the trabecular meshwork (TM), a spongy area in the eye that re-establishes the natural flow of eye fluid (called aqueous).

Our Study

We are currently enrolling patients in a U.S. clinical study. If you are interested in participating, please email us at patients@eliosvision.com to find out if there is a study site near you. You must:

Be at least 45 years of age

Have glaucoma and use glaucoma medications

Have a cataract

To be eligible for the ELIOS clinical study, you will need to meet specific study criteria. The study doctor will perform standard eye tests and exams to determine whether the study is right for you.