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The Interventional Glaucoma Podcast

Brought to you by Elios Vision, The Interventional Glaucoma Podcast features global thought leaders as they engage in unscripted discussions about the latest innovations in interventional glaucoma treatment. This inspiring and thought-provoking mindset prioritizes patient-centred care and challenges ophthalmologists to rethink their treatment strategies.

Episode 5: ELIOS Explained: Pearls for Patient Selection

Dr. Cathy McCabe, Dr. Mark Gallardo, and Mr Dan Lindfield discuss patient selection, communication strategies, and the need for patient-centered care.

Episode 4: Three Facts ALL Ophthalmologists Should Know About Aqueous Humor Dynamics

Dr. Ike Ahmed, Prof. Gus Gazzard, and Prof. Carl Sheridan discuss the dynamics of aqueous humor outflow in glaucoma pathology and treatment.

Episode 3: The Trabecular Meshwork: Addressing Myths and Misconceptions

Dr. Ike Ahmed, Prof. Gus Gazzard, and Prof. Carl Sheridan discuss the complexities of the trabecular meshwork and its significance in glaucoma management.

Episode 2: Spotlight on Excimer Lasers

Prof. Gus Gazzard and Ahmad Elsahn delve into excimer laser technology and its impact in shifting mindsets towards more interventional glaucoma strategies.

Episode 1: Introducing the Interventional Glaucoma Podcast

Dr. Ike Ahmed and Prof. Gus Gazzard kick off the Interventional Glaucoma podcast with a discussion about the evolving mindset of interventional glaucoma.